Reliable Business Wi-Fi for Manchester and the North West

Wireless (Wi-Fi) access is an essential requirement in any workplace. As a small business, your Internet router will usually have Wi-Fi built in. Users simply connect their devices and enter a password.

This is fine for a small number of users confined to one area of a building. However, as your business grows, something more flexible and secure, with better coverage is needed.

SUREFRONT offers a complete Wi-Fi solution.

UniFi Wi-Fi Access Points (APs)

UniFiĀ® Access points (AP) are distributed throughout the premises to provide consistent wireless coverage. They have sleek design and can be fitted to a ceiling tile or a wall.

802.1X Authenticated Wireless Access

IEEE 802.1X authentication provides an additional security barrier for your company network. It prevents rogue or unmanaged wireless devices accessing your network by enforcing strong authentication. Trusted devices are authenticate automatically using a certificate, so the user experience is exactly the same as a wired connection.

Our Wi-Fi services

  • Install and configure UniFi APs
  • Configure UniFi management station
  • Configure 802.1X authenticated wireless access
  • Configure unauthenticated (public) wireless access
  • Prepare and issue client certificates
  • Assign Wi-Fi client profiles (Windows and MAC)

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