SWYX IP Telephone System for Manchester and the North West

Swyx for Desktop, Laptop or Smartphone

Swyx is more than just a PBX

Swyx is an intelligent business communication solution that combines communications and collaboration in real time, accelerates processes, displays contact with customers and colleagues in a single user interface and adapts to the needs of your company. No matter how many people you employ today or which features you need tomorrow, for every industry and every stage of development, with an VoIP communications solution from Swyx, you choose a telephone system that can do much more than just telephony.

Swyx offers you one of the most advanced software-based VoIP communications solutions on the market.

You benefit from the numerous advantages of integrated communications and the simple integration of different applications. The use of messaging, rich presence or video communication at every workstation increases productivity in the company. Thanks to real-time communication, interconnecting all processes and employees is measurably and noticeably easier.

Swyx Phone systems

Everything at a glance

  • Classic telephony functions of a PBX such as call pickup, redial, conference, hold
  • Voicemail for every user
  • Presence information based on calendar information
  • Company-wide and personal phonebook
  • Web conferencing including chat, screen and document sharing
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Call Routing Manager for intelligent call forwarding
  • SwyxIt! user interface fully customisable to your needs
  • Web Extensions for the integration of web content such as databases, CRM, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

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